Why Choose AB Law?

Here’s Why.

We are big-firm caliber, but right-sized for your business and family needs.

We have years of experienced insight to offer you, at a price point that you can afford. The depth, quality, and complexity of our work product matches the work of firms 100 times our size. Of course every firm will tell you they’re thorough, experienced, and have your best in mind. But we actually deliver.

We have the answers and the know-how.

Dense legal codes or interpreting the “grey” do not deter us; we invite the challenge. We take the legal jargon and boil it down into simple, understandable speak, quickly honing in on the terms most important to you. We also have the experience to advise and counsel in several niche industries, including healthcare practices.

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We are on your team.

We help identify where you are (your Point A), where you want to be (your Point B), and craft the path forward to achieve your goals. We know our stuff, and we make sure to get to know you and your stuff. We are real people who know what it’s like to have families and companies we love, and we care about yours.

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We see both the forest and the trees.

We invest in both the big picture of your vision and all the little details necessary to accomplish it. We’re comprehensive, diligent, and ask the questions that many others don’t. We are hyper-focused on protecting your assets and protecting your wishes.

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We believe in empowering and educating.

The law should be accessible and unintimidating. We educate and empower our clients through information, work together to make the right legal choices for your needs, stay true to our word, and get you results. We arm you with the facts, talk through the easy and the not-so-easy, and collaborate together to design a plan tailored to fit your goals. We believe everyone wins this way.

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We believe everyone deserves a chance.

As a minority, woman-owned business, we love supporting the underdog and creating an environment where everyone has a chance to win.

We are a law firm you will actually enjoy working with.

From our flat fees, to our open and honest communication, we stand for transparency and trust. We are choosing to be intentionally different, disrupt the norms in the legal industry, and be in your corner for every step of your journey. Your success is our success.

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