Getting from Point A to Point B

Legal Advisory Services

AB Law provides experienced legal insight to help your business at every life cycle – birth, setting up a stable foundation at infancy and through toddlerhood, the rowdy teenage years, adolescence and growth, unexpected mid-life crises, or with wind down or succession plans.

There are many phases of a company’s growth – at AB Law, we’re familiar with all of them and ready to meet you where you are (Point A) and help get you to where you want to be (Point B).

The Early Years – Business Formation and Protections

Much like having a newborn, it’s both exciting and nerve wracking to have a new business on your hands. It’s all-consuming and leaves you filled with doubt and second guessing every decision you make.

A good legal+business advisor can put your worries to rest and help you steer your business in the right direction so everyone is sleeping worry free.

If you’re just getting started, we are here to advise on business formation matters, and get you armed with all the documents you need and best practices to avoid murky waters later – most businesses don’t realize how valuable this exercise is until it’s too late!

If you’re already up and running, we can do a deep dive into your business, make sure you’re following best practices, and do a comprehensive analysis of your whole platform to optimize for efficiencies and mitigate risk.

And if you’re interested in moving on from these early years to exploring more opportunities for expansion or growth, our legal advisory services can get you to that next point.

Our clients usually find that our services pay for themselves – both the value they add to the business, the emotional worry they keep at bay, and the financial dollars saved from avoiding legal landmines.

Planning Big – Business Growth

We LOVE watching our clients grow. We know how exciting – and terrifying – this experience can be. With a trained business background and development of that business acumen through the years, AB Law is your perfect legal+business advisory partner for this next step of the journey.

We see you and raise our glass to you for taking this step. Now, how do we make the leap?

For our clients looking to grow, we put on our legal advisory hat, and work together to develop a strategy that is built on a stable foundation and scales appropriately.

Unique legal and business concerns arise with a company looking for growth opportunities. And every scenario and business is different. We are here to advise along the way.

Exit Strategies – Sale, Wind Down,

Succession Planning

Like life, businesses have life cycles and sometimes it is the right time to think about how to prepare for the next step. This may mean selling your business, winding it down, or making a succession plan.

We are well versed on all these options and can advise you along the way. We also acknowledge this can be an emotional decision. Along with our competence, we bring our compassion to advise on these matters.

Custom Strategy Sessions

When you’re in the weeds of running your business, it’s hard to look up and assess. As business owners, we’re quick to forget that sometimes you need to work on your business, and not just in your business. That’s where we come in. Our custom strategy sessions help identify where you are (your Point A), where you want to be (your Point B), and the path forward to achieving your goals with stability, once you’ve built a wholesome and tested foundation.
Our strategy sessions help with your vision but also the legal guidance to identify opportunities and concerns as they arise. Our goal is to grow with you, while protecting you along the way.

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